Coverage / Cost


Accepted Materials:

Generally any type of bedding is acceptable as long as it is organic in origin, but this service is only for horse manure.

Unaccepted Materials:

Plastic, Glass, Food waste, Household waste, Clinical waste, building waste, medical or veterinary waste, Oils and fallen animals are not acceptable in Equiskips!

Afterbirths and placentas cannot be disposed of in Equiskips.

IMPORTANT – a disposal charge may be applied if unacceptable waste is found in the manure.

Frequency of collection

We understand that each yard is different, with varying numbers of horses in throughout the year, so there is no upper limit on the number of collections per year, but pricing is based on a frequency of at least four collections per year.

Alternatively skips can be delivered for periodic clearing of a muck heap.


The cost of this service is dependent on location. Contact us for a quote and to discuss your requirements

Collection Areas

Greater Dublin, Co. Meath, Co. Kildare, North Co. Wicklow and West Co. Wicklow.